Cinderella came to my house!

October 31, 2006 § Leave a comment

Let’s talk about how I get TTTTTTTTHHHHHHHIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS excited about trick-or-treaters… it’s a little ridiculous. Tonight, Katelyn and I were sitting around the Los Gatos house (yes, I’m here, but only until tomorrow morning… long sad story) moaning and groaning because no one was knocking on our door. So we developed a strategy: we turned on all the lights, we put out some not-so-subtle signs that say “WE HAVE CANDY!!!!”… I put on a costume, and we tried to think lots of kid friendly, welcoming, happy-happy thoughts. Nothin’. Then we thought maybe all the “WE HAVE CANDY!!!!!” signs made us look a little too eager, like we were no longer the happy-cool-kid-friendly house, but the a-little-TOO-kid-friendly house, if you know what I’m saying. We were sad. We lamented: “Why don’t the children love us?” ” We are nice people” “Alas, Alack” etc.

Then……… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we’ve had like, five thousand trick-or-treaters in a row now. And every single Disney princess. And we try not to scare them with our relentless and somewhat suspicious enthusiasm. And I pretty much love Halloween for this reason: your neighbors come to your door… you smile and exchange good wishes and get to talk to their kids without seeming like a weirdo. And it’s just nice. Well, that and costumes. Those are nice too.


Hey artist… you got a dollar?

October 23, 2006 § Leave a comment

There is an unusually high concentration of hitchhikers in this city, and they are ALL good looking, clean cut young men. There are 4,129 people who live in my town. Burrito Boy makes what is possibly the second best burrito of all time, for cheapo (it’s almost Ricardos. Almost.) We drove to the coast yesterday, which takes about an hour, and it’s breathtaking from the start of the drive all the way to the cliffs and the sea. The ocean smells like home :). Saturday we found the “World’s Largest Indoor Garage Sale,” which made me almost as giddy as iced venti nonfat white mocha. Spoils: One broken but beautiful watch ($2), one silly little vase ($2), and one perfect Louis the whatever chair for me to take apart and put back together ($40… that’s cheap, really it is). Left behind: perfect beautiful vintage coat ($15)… too short sleeves. Dang arms. There are WAY more stars than I remember there ever being, anywhere. There are WAY more bugs than there should ever be, anywhere. A suicidal bird flew into our window and I collected it and felt like I’ve officially transitioned into the attitude of this place. Our neighbors have horses they never ride, and I’m welcome to ride them, but there are three and they are a herd so I need friends. We are invited to a Halloween Party in a barn :). We went to the most amazing church on Sunday and they did my two favorite songs in a row (God is good all the time).

So, speaking of artists (yes, we were, check the title)… I’m going to have a house of my own soon, and I know I’ve already expressed to a few of you my desire to fill it with artwork by people I know and love… I’m so blessed to know so many talented people, and I think it’d be fabulous to have a gallery of a house, a piece of each of you up here with me. I’m not picky, sketch me something on a napkin or go crazy, send me wacky photos or poetry or whatever…I’ll even frame a letter… I promise to send you back a dang good Christmas present. Really. Something really good 🙂

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