"ehhh.." or "what i really thought of the Rent movie"

November 26, 2006 § Leave a comment

I’m having a hard time with this one. I’m not exactly disappointed… it was absolutely as good as I thought it would be. At the same time, it could have been better.

If I were Chris Colombus, I would have spent a hell of a lot more time in the teeny tiny relationship building scenes and less time in the plot progressing musical production numbers. I would have honored Jonathan Larson’s extraordinary gift for subtlety instead of trying so darn hard to make the movie easier to follow (e.g. the constant use of the word AIDS – how many times can we replace a moderately genius phrasing like “this body provides a comfortable home for the acquired immune deficiency syndrome” or “close on Roger his girlfriend April left a note” etc. with an obvious and borderline cheesy “I have AIDS” declaration? I would have started the movie with Mark’s documentary, I would have spent much more time in Mark’s documentary vision, which is raw and beautiful and accurate to the mood of the play, dang it, and I would have saved the “Seasons of Love” number for the end of the movie when we had established some sort of emotional connection to the characters instead of putting it in the beginning to confuse the heck out of anyone who hadn’t seen the play. I would have seriously considered not replacing filler songs with dialogue that makes the transition into singing seem abrupt and unnecessary. I would have remembered that the friendship between Roger and Mark is the driving force behind the plot, and that the audience needs to be grounded in that force so as not to feel like their heads are going to exploded as they try to understand everything else that’s going on. I would have, I dunno, I would have done a lot of things differently. Of course, if I were Chris Colombus, I’d also have a much nicer car and more of a right to be such an obnoxious know it all.

That said, I thought it was pretty good. Tango was awesome, Santa Fe was super fun, and I dug the funeral scene… but I dunno. I am, sadly, a bit “ehhh…” about the whole thing.

Go see it and argue with me already.


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