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March 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

I keep thinking to myself that the time has come to write a new blog, and then I keep coming up with other things to do. Like knit socks. Then I start to wonder how it is that my perspective has become so wacky that I actually think knitting socks is more fun then blog writing. The more I wonder, the more I begin to worry about the obsessive home-ec turn my life seems to be taking. Then I start to feel compelled to take some serious anti-Martha Stewart action. Which brings us to this paragraph, the intro to my shiny new and most certainly fabulous blog.

I miss most of you (some of you are here). I love it here… I love the crazy weather and the copious amount of trees. I’m so in love with the pace of this town, and the people I’ve spent time with. It’s a strange feeling, though, the pervasive newness of everything… new friends, new city, new restaurants, new life. And though it’s certainly never boring, it’s also exhausting. I feel like I’m constantly spewing myself all over the place… trying to explain myself to people, paint myself on the walls, make myself known. I have to hold my mouth shut to keep random facts about my life from leaking out – I don’t want to be the girl who never shuts up. But I can’t stop feeling like I want to kidnap each of the people I work with, or play with, one at a time and force them into deep all night conversations until they know all my secrets and I know all of theirs. Just so someone will be able to look at me and know what I’m thinking, where I’ve been, what I am. Just so I can say “Oh him? Her? Yeah, I know him. Her. We tight, yo.” So I miss you who know me. I wish you were here to tell me what a big silly dork I am (cause I am a big silly dork. And you know it. Ain’t life grand!) and sing along with the radio or run around in the middle of the night causing mayhem.

Everything is good, though, and lovely. Sunny even, often, lately. I’m learning Swahili, because my whole life seems to be focused on preparing for Africa this summer. It’s been fun, starting to learn, primarily because it’s reminded me that I’m a smart girl and I shouldn’t just hover around all the time. I found a great program, and I’m picking it up quickly… it’s so much more intuitive for me than Spanish ever was. So make me speak it to you, already.

And I’m knitting. Cause it’s artistic, dang it. I’ll subject you to pictures later.

So come visit me soon. Sorry for writing you bloggings with nothing very profound to say… just Hi. I’m here. I love you and I hope you’re well 🙂


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