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May 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

So last night I went to Leah’s, and it was fun, and I was reminded yet again how much I love the people I’ve met here… it’s such a gift to make new friends, and to be so surrounded by thoughful, brilliant, interesting people…

What you don’t know is that I read your blogs, all of you.. new friends, old ones… sometimes you’re cute, and you all get very introspective all at once… everyone bares their soul a little, and I dig it. The internet is a funny place to feel safe being vulnerable, but whadayaknow?

So sometimes you inspire me. And then I get all introspective. So tonight, after reading about 10 blogs on similar subjects, I’m taking inventory.

I’ve been: hopeful, silly, selfish, naive, careless, broken, someones fool, someones user, the smart girl, the dumb blonde, annoying, inspiring (annoyed, inspired)… faithless and faithful, old and new, lost and found… lonely and smothered, informed and clueless, open and shut off… hurt and hurtful. I’ve been on all ends of heartbreak… I’ve been a real jerk, and a real doll. I may not have accomplished everything I’ve wanted to, and I certainly haven’t always acted gracefully… but I think, at this hour of my life, I can say I’ve been there. A time or two.

I am: (in summary) ready. newly, strangely, humbly… ready.

bring it on.


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