Chivalry is alive and well…

August 31, 2008 § Leave a comment

The walk from my store to my apartment takes approximately four action-packed minutes. Today, I passed a surly group of vagrants arguing about something or other. I have perfected my “I’m neither afraid of nor interested in you” city walk for just this sort of occasion, so I began it, and as I passed:

Scuzzy Dude A: You’re a f***ing a-hole, B.

Scuzzy Dude B: Oh yeah, well f*** you, you ba*****.

At this point, Dude B notices me, turns, tips his hat, bows a little:

B: Pardon my language, m’am.

The woman who runs everywhere, well, less runs than scuttles, like a crab or maybe a squirrel, ran up behind me the other day. She yells, a talking-to-my-buddy-across-the-football-stadium yell: “I was on my way to Boise… Boise, Idaho. But I got off at Portland. But they told me to go to Boise. But I said hell no. I’d rather go to Girlsy. Girlsy, Idaho.”

I love this city. 🙂


In the beginning…

August 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

This is only a test blog, primarily to see what the text looks like on the page and dink around with the title some more. So far, it’s the most interesting thing to read on this page, so if you’re here, and you’re reading it, I hope you are entertained. Whoooo hoo, let’s read as Karyn recounts to us the exciting ins and outs and ups and downs of the blog layout design process. Step One: get as many meaningless words on the page as possible, cause that’s the only way to see how it looks. Step Two: Post and view.

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