>Two Months.

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you make me happy.

>On Beginning

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i cannot speak to the you that you have been
cannot witness the unnumbered hours you lived
well before me
they are not and will not become mine to point to
and the pages and volumes that make up your once was
i can read only in fragments
scraping up sentences and coveting chapters
i may never see

but here, in this you and me standing
my face and your fingers
your laugh and my eyes
these few pieces of you are mine and mine only
your words and my hoping
my arms and your smile
they are only nothings, the smallest of moments
but into them i will start to carve my picture of you
upon them i will build my earliest knowings
the things in you i am sure of
the most in you i can see

these pieces of you i will use to begin it
add them to seconds, and somewheres, and time
and watch as the spaces that loom in my learning you
crowd up with memory
render you mine


>Dive! Dive! Dive!

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>I’m the victim of a relentless, painful, and humiliating attack. I am the target of unrelenting harassment and completely unjustified, but remarkably specific, vengeance. I’m being violently subjugated. By crows.

Three out of my four workdays find me trying to be a good Portlander and use the wealth of public transportation with which I have been provided. For the last year, I’ve hoofed the uneventful blocks between our house and the MAX station without a care or a second thought. I’ve enjoyed the pretty trees and the self-proclaimed “sexy coffee” stand that sits delightfully halfway to my destination. I’ve walked in rain and storms and almost snow, and it’s never really been that bad. Until…

Until I did something to anger the local wildlife. About three weeks ago, I was walking along, minding my own, when from behind I heard the jarring “caaahhh caaaahhh” of crows. Two crows. Two seemingly angry crows who seemed to be aiming their anger squarely in my direction. “Strange,” thought me, ” I wonder if they have a nest or something. Oh well.” I proceeded then to turn back around and continue along my way. Worst. Idea. Ever.

Turns out crows are the minions of Satan. They are evil little buggers who wait until your back is turned to unleash their dive-bombing fury on your unsuspecting head. You know the dungeon levels in Super Mario games with the ghosts that only move if you look away from them, then sneak up from behind you and kill you dead? Based on these crows. The moment my back was turned, I heard the swoosh of wings and the unnerving sound of a “caaaahhh” closing in and fwaaaack! Crow wings to the back of the head. Not even kidding.

At this point I become a rather sorry version of my former self, the self that loves all creatures and fears no beaks or talons. The new me is ducking and inching down the sidewalk, completely terrified and completely without a clue as to why I’ve suddenly become the target of choice for the crow militia. It took everything in me not to pound on the door of the nearest house and seek sanctuary until they went away. Instead, I sort of hop-ran until I made it to the MAX shelter where they finally relented. Four blocks. They hounded me for four blocks. Bullies.

Traumatic though the experience was, I chalked it up to crazy timing and freakish coincidence, until it happened the next day… and the next. It was then that I started to notice the crows weren’t attacking other pedestrians. Call me crazy, but those jerks were waiting, and watching, and targeting me. This is unfair for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the amount of time I’ve actually devoted to rescuing birds of all kinds. I’ve fed their abandoned kindred, plopped babies back into nests, shielded wayward waterfowl, and for what? To be abused by a couple of lousy ne’er do wells who seem to think we’re on the set of a Hitchcock film? Uncalled for, I say.

I’m not sure what to do about this crow problem. They don’t seem to be tiring of the fun in the slightest. I have a theory that involves a strategically timed umbrella opening, but so far the presence of the umbrella in my purse seems to be the only thing that will keep the attacks from happening. They’re nowhere to be found on days I’m prepared for the ambush, but on days like today, when I finally decide they’ve moved on and boldly leave my umbrella at home, they’re back in force. Three of them this morning. Thunked me on the noggin. Made me miss my MAX. Uncalled for.

Please tell me I’m not the only person this has happened to.


>Cheap Thrills: Comfort Food

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>I didn’t go to Home Community tonight. Instead, I took a dog and a book and a blanket and a sandwich and sat myself down on the lawn at Mt. Tabor and enjoyed just being outside and peaceful for awhile. Which was lovely. But if I had gone to Home Community, I would have needed to bring my favorite food for the “Favorite Foods” potluck. And I would have brought this:


Oh, Haagen-Dazs vanilla raspberry swirl frozen yogurt – I love thee with a love that is more than love.

Now, make no mistake, this frozen yogurt isn’t good for you. Its list of ingredients, though refreshingly short, has both sugar and corn syrup (not really any better than its high fructose cousin) in the first four spots. But it isn’t terrible for you. And if you’re going to eat ice cream, I mean, come on. We’ll settle for “not terrible.”

Calorie wise, if you eat this whole pint, it’ll only set you back 510. Which is, ya know, a meal, and though you probably shouldn’t eat the whole pint if you can help it, (though you may not be able to help it. I understand.) it still beats the heck outta the 1000 calories you’d be downing in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

And for crying out loud, this isn’t a blog about nutrition, it’s a blog about cheap happiness. And at around $3, a pint of this will make you super happy on a hot summer day. Because it is super, super yummy – just the right blend of vanilla and berry to achieve total summery bliss. It’s pink, it’s sweet, it’s cold, it’s just about perfect. It might even be perfect. Whatever it is, it’s too darn good to be yogurt.




>In Other Words…

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>Donald Miller’s blog has gone to the dogs. One dog in particular. Her name is Lucy, and she’s lovely, and delightfully insightful, and Caper has a big crush on her. You should read them all, but this one made me smile:

How to Love and Be Loved

I saw Donald Miller at the Doug Fir the other night, but didn’t say anything so as not to be one of the hundreds of Blue Like Jazzers clambering to inform him that we’d probably be best friends because he just soooo gets it. But I will say: Good taste in concerts, Don Miller. And way to let your dog take over your blog.

Hope you had a good Monday, friends. Go forth and love and be loved.

love. 😉

>A little link lovin…

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>I didn’t blog yesterday. You can be mad at me if you want to.

Here are some lovely things I’ve seen this week:

I want to make these tables and put them, well, I’ll figure that out later.

Coporate prayer nights are one of the many things I love about Imago. Here’s a good argument for why you should come.

I mean, the man is a genius.

Oh Winona… you’re my favorite best friend I haven’t met yet. And this post made me smile.

My friend Rachelle has a beautiful soul.

These t-shirts made me drool just a little…

Shameless plug: I heart Claire Pettibone, and whisper sweet nothings to her in this post.

Speaking of souls, if mine has a color pallette, this is it.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


>A long, long time ago…

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>Vintage poetry today…


you who has been always, and nothing…

you appear here in lines yet unwritten
offering a vocabulary i couldn’t have anticipated

the heart of me knows what follows
it recognizes in you the ancient-once it has loved equally –
curiosity, undeterred by self-preservation, requests you


just behind my eyes
so subtle, your arrival there at the front of all daydreams
quietly quickly and
firmly denied

there are risks my body still cannot fathom
parts of my heart it can no longer trust, and justly

i who have broken you always, and never
can’t be selfless enough not to risk you again

an improbable proposition – yours is the safest rejection, all silence and miles
would you hate to know there are parts of me that still wake up with your name

my lastly well-loved boy, imagine…

i may be sonnet to your prose
you, all irreverent language
i, always, the fear to oppose


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