I’m shopping in my sleep again.

May 9, 2011 § 4 Comments

This is not  fashion blog.

It’s not a fashion blog for a number of reasons.  Reason 1: I am unreliably fashionable.  Some days, some weeks, some years, I’m a total fashionista… other days, weeks, or years I sort of give up or completely miss the mark or get sick of the whole thing.  Reason 2: I can’t possibly compete with the lovelies that are already rocking the fashion blogging seen, like the Mod Antiquarian or this inspiring girl.  Reason 3: I have way too many other things I need to rant about.

That said, I’m still a girl, and I still daydream about pretty clothes sometimes, especially when it’s spring.  And though I try to spend very little money on my clothes, I do occasionally pretend that someone will give me a $5000 shopping spree any day now.  If they do, I’m totally buying these things.  Presenting my fantasy spring wardrobe:


I love this swimsuit soooooo much.
I think retro one pieces are super sexy, no?

Perfect pants for tall girls.  I do love it when the trend starts going my way.

The ultimate wear-anywhere maxi dress

I don’t like sandals, so these would be the most fabulous spring solution.

Just the thing for chilly spring nights.

I dream about these jeans sometimes.

Spot-on flowy stripes.

I tried on some high-waisted shorts at H&M the other day for a laugh, only to find that I sorta liked them.
These are delightfully not-too-sweet.

Sigh… I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

What pretty things are you dreaming of this spring?



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