You May Already Be a Winner

June 10, 2011 § 14 Comments

Honesty time!

You know what’s tough?  Promoting a blog.

Tough, and weird, because it sorta feels like I’m spending my time saying “Hey I’m neat come read all about it” to strangers and trying to market my inner thoughts like I would a t-shirt.  However, the threat of having to get a “real job” is always looming, and truth be told, if Girl of Cardigan is to survive, I need to keep seeking followers.

Which is where you come in.  I heart you all so madly I can hardly say, and I wouldn’t ask you to go all promoter on me for nothing, so we’re going to make it a game!  Any excuse for a game!

Here’s the deal:

You Do This —> 1. Use the “Share on Facebook” or “Tweet This” buttons you’ll find below to post a GoC post that you like to your wall/followers.  I’m not asking you to do all of them or anything, just ones you like that you think your friends might like.   You may go back and share posts from the past, by all means.  “Liking” a post on FB doesn’t count… you must share the link on your wall to get credit.

2.  Alert me to your participation by either tagging me in your FB post, @girlofcardigan – ing me on your Twitter post, or leaving me a blog comment on the post you shared.

3.  Feel good about how much you’ve just helped me out, how much I love you, and how straight up awesome you are.

I Do This    —>  1.  For every sharingiscaring action you alert me to, I enter your name into the hat for a monthly drawing.  One entry for every share. Think of it like investing in free GoC stock.

2.  I think some seriously nice thoughts about you.  I meditate on how great you are.  I tell a friend how great you are.  That friend is probably Favorite.  Or maybe the doggo.

3.  The last day of every month, I’ll post the name of a winner.  The winner gets to chose one of the following fabulous prizes.  If you don’t like choosing, I’ll choose for you.

Fabulous Prizes!

A. A handknit hat or baby sweater (or booties) that is (are) the color(s) and style of your choosing. (That sentence made me lol, omg.)

B. You and me, happy hour, in Portland, I’m buying.

C. A Closet Remix date, during which I come to your house, raid your closet, and spend hours with you creating new outfits out of old clothes.  Or come shopping with you and use all my personal shopper chops to help you make wise decisions.  Or both.

D. Coffee in Portland, on me, and my help editing that thing you’ve been needing to edit, sharpening your resumé, writing copy for your new website, coming up with creative marketing plans for your business, learning to knit, getting bridal gowns for a photo shoot, planning a killer surprise party, using a sewing machine, etc. etc. etc.

E. Baked goods of your choosing, delivered. (Cookies may be shipped anywhere in the USA.)


F. One Portland evening of free babysitting.  Courtesy of my CPR certified, nanny experienced self.  Though I will spoil the heck out of your kids.  Be        forewarned.

That’s all I have to bribe you with, my friends.  I so love writing this blog – it’s first thing I’ve done that feels like the thing I should be doing, and I can’t tell you how very grateful I am for your presence, your help, and your wisdom.

First drawing is June 30th.  Let the games begin!


PS: Eventually, once the readership numbers are worthy, I’ll be acquiring small business crafty advertisers for this blog.  If you get in early and get some good GoC stock credit, I’ll promise you free Etsy store or website advertising on here for life.  

PPS: Here is a picture of the kid.

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